Nuclear Free Local Authorities tackle in practical ways, and within their powers, the problems posed by civil and military nuclear hazards. As the local government voice on nuclear issues, the NFLA are keen to encourage local authorities to adopt anti-nuclear policies and join our network – particularly as the Government plan for nuclear power to be part of the mix of energy supply for the UK over the next 40 years, and are spending billions of pounds each year on replacement nuclear weaponry. See the nuclear issues section to see why this is relevant to every local authority in the UK and Ireland. Read more

History of NFLA in Bristol

Bristol Council assumed NFLA membership at the time that the government planned to build a new Pressurised Water Reactor known as Hinkley C in the mid eighties. The reactor was never built and membership was  dropped (possibly when Avon County Council changed to Bristol City Council?). In 2006, Council Leader, Barbara Janke committed to consider restoring membership (see council minutes) but nothing came of it.  With EdF’s plans to build the largest new reactor in the country, two 1 600 Megawatt reactors on the new Hinkley C site,  Bristol City Council and the people of Bristol would again benefit from NFLA support.

Main NFLA Website


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