About NFB

Despite the fact that Bristol is a major city in close proximity to two nuclear power station sites and  trains carrying nuclear waste pass through the centre of the city every week, Bristol City Council has no say in national nuclear policy. In the interest of public health and safety, South West Against Nuclear believes that Bristol City Council should resume Nuclear Free Local Authority (NFLA) status.

The NFLA is the local government voice on nuclear issues (civil and military). They aim to:

  • Increase local accountability over national nuclear policy
  • Identify the impact of national nuclear policy on local communities
  • Work to minimize nuclear hazards and increase public safety

NFLA membership would support Bristol’s vision of a low carbon city with high quality life by encouraging training and jobs in renewable energy technology, the reduction of CO2 emissions through energy efficiency and investment in local sustainable energy supplies. Read more

Sign petition 1:
We the undersigned petition Bristol City Council to
rejoin the Nuclear Free Local Authorities (NFLA) organisation

Sign petition 2: End Nuclear Insanity NOW – Veto Construction of Hinkley C Nuclear Power Station

Nuclear Risk to Bristol

Hinkley Point in Somerset is just under 26 miles from Withywood (as the crow or radiation plume flies). Currently, Hinkley A is decommissioned, Hinkley B is active until approximately 2015 and Hinkley C is the proposed site for the first 2 new  nuclear reactors to be built in the UK.  Bristol lies in the direct path of the prevailing winds from Hinkley Point. See animation of fallout from a serious nuclear disaster at Hinkley Point. A helium balloon released at Hinkley Point on a warm, calm October day, 2011, arrived in Bristol within the hour.

Oldbury Nuclear Power Station

Oldbury is even closer  to Bristol to the north (just under 6 miles from Bradley Stoke). The existing nuclear power station was decommissioned last year but it is another proposed site for new build. Find out more.

Train with nuclear waste at Bristol Temple Meads

Trains carrying nuclear waste from Hinkley B to Sellafield pass through the centre of Bristol every week. As a local authority, Bristol City Council is not informed of the times or the routes of nuclear waste through the city.

Watch Youtube Videos:  Deadly Silent Cargo 1     Deadly Silent Cargo 2

There is no evacuation plan for Bristol in the event of a major nuclear accident.


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  1. It is time to discard nuclear energy in favour of investment in renewable energy.

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