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Sign avaaz petition to veto Hinkley C

End Nuclear Insanity NOW – Veto Construction of Hinkley C Nuclear Power Station

“We call upon David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Edward Davey, to stop the construction of Hinkley C Nuclear Power Station: 1. Nuclear Power is a dangerous and uneconomical. We can never predict damage to the reactor as a result of unstable weather conditions or seismic activity. The proposed Hinkley C site is on the Bristol Channel which experiences high tidal fluctuations. It is also within the vicinity of a fault line that had an earthquake 9 years ago. It could happen again.”

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Sign petition to stop plans for nuclear dump in Cumbria

The campaign to stop plans for a radioactive dump in Cumbria is beginning to make an impact across the country. But with just over a week until the vote on 30 January we need to keep up the pressure.  Please share the link to the petition on facebook and twitter, as well as with your email contacts. Please tell your friends, colleagues and family about this, and ask them to sign the petition at: